Why Wendell Berry Named My Blog

I’ve been thinking for a few days about what to name my blog.  It’s challenging to think of a short expression that describes me and what I want to write about.  I have come across some great blog names that I wish I’d thought of first:  “A Drifter Off To See The World”, “Melissa Not Dusting”, and “A Freckle In Time”.  What great blog names have you come across, or what would you name a blog about your life?

This blog is about the story of a change. My husband and I, rather spontaneously, are moving north, waayyyyyy north.  To Yellowknife, which is on the 63rd parallel, just a rabbit hair below the Arctic circle.  (Ok, its more like 400 km.)  For us its a chance to deeply experience the north, – to paddle northern rivers, to be outside, to really see a place, to really hear it, to fully live it.  To leave some things behind and perhaps add some things to our already great life as well.  To live a simple and rich life.

After some false starts in the naming department, today I was reading Collected Poems by Wendell Berry, and there are several lines of poetry that say exactly what I intend.    “Somehow It Has All Added Up To Song”, “Receiving The River’s Grace”, “I Come into the Peace of the Wild Things”, “Led By His Delight”, and “The Song I Live By”.  These lines spoke to me because Mr. Berry’s poetry is something like the way I see the world – the need to answer the call of the wilderness.  The importance of a good day’s work.  Simplicity.  Listening.  Being.  A preoccupation with the never forgotten dead.  And through darkness how beauty can catch us in our tracks.  How something as easy and simple as sweetness can be enough to sustain us.  How being who we really are, our essence, can save us.  This move is about us finding our essences and living them more fully.

Thank you Mr Berry for giving me the words.

A Song Sparrow Singing in the Fall
Somehow it has all
added up to song-
earth, air, rain and light,
the labor and the heat,
the mortality of the young.
I will go free of other
singing. I will go
into the silence
of my songs, to hear
this song clearly.
The Want of Peace
All goes back to the earth,
and so I do not desire
pride of excess or power
but the contentments made
by men who have had little:
the fisherman’s silence
receiving the river’s grace,
the gardener’s musing on rows.
The Strait
Sitting among the bluebells
in my sorrow, for lost time
and the never forgotten dead,
I saw a hummingbird stand
in air to drink from flowers.
It was a kiss he took and gave.
At his lightness and he ardor
of his throat, the song I live by
stirred my mind.  I said:
“By sweetness alone it survives.”

About Tandi

I love my morning coffee, reading, the wilderness, paddling, poetry, my Spanish husband, and being a doctor. I also love writing my blog, and reading yours.
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8 Responses to Why Wendell Berry Named My Blog

  1. thewayoftea says:

    “When the fire of love is ablaze, it burneth to ashes the harvest of reason.” – Bahă’u’llăh

    I have sat on the south shore, deep in contemplation, and gazed northward at the seemingly endless stretch of water that is Great Slave Lake. At the end of the last Ice Age, the Great Slave Lake formed part of Glacial Lake McConnell, along with Great Bear Lake. The Earth’s isostatic rebound followed from a planetary warming trend that allowed for these two lakes to form; however, it is a mystery as to where the water went…

  2. Blathering says:

    I agonised for ages over naming my blog, and still think I probably could have done better but oh well – I would never have got any further if I didn’t finally just choose a name and start writing! The name of yours is lovely though, I’m a bit jealous! 😉 Must look up this poet.

  3. Blathering says:

    haha, and also, wow – thanks! I would have like to choose a quote from a song or poem, but I’m painfully indecisive about things like that, so if I had stuck with that idea, I’d probably still be agonising over which one to chose. But your blog has it’s own angle, and some lovely observations. I read a few posts the other day, to me it’s like reading about a part of the world I have never imagined before.

    • Tandi says:

      I also never imagined this part of the world. It still surprises me to be here, but in a good way. You never know where your heart will take you if you listen and follow it. It makes life mysterious and unpredictable. Alive! I like that. I’m learning to do it more.

      I am also discovering that I love keeping a blog. I love the creativity and I love trying to be funny. At least it makes me laugh! (And my friend Jesus in Spain). What else is life for, really? Merry Christmas to you down under!!

      Sent from my iPhone

  4. Blathering says:

    oops, carelessly written comment, make that: I would have *liked* -and- which one to *choose*

  5. Blathering says:

    Merry Christmas to you up top!!! Stay warm!! 😉

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