The Flow of Water

We’ve arrived in Yellowknife!  Its amazing to be here, but the move was a bit of an adventure.  It started last Saturday, another cold and rainy day in Nelson, after a month of record rainfall, and flooding.   My Bulgarian friend stopped by with a going away gift of ‘amazing liquid’, a bottle on Nota Bene – thanks Svet!   He said in Bulgaria rain on moving day is a very good sign.  It means that everything will go smoothly – ‘it will all flow like water’.  And he was right.

Martin and I flew up to Yellowknife with the dogs, and arrived a day or two ahead of the moving van.  It was so exciting to be here, especially as the last time for me was February, and everything looks much different now.  We were really thankful to have a bed for a few days at the home of one of my friends.

The first trip out to the houseboat was memorable.  It was a little different than I’d remembered.  And there were challenges.  The small tin runabout boat, now dubbed The Minnow, felt unsteady in the wind.  The dogs had difficulty getting in and out over the sides, with the slippery tin bottom.  Of course we are not familiar with any of the systems on the boat – water, power, toilet, appliances etc.  Everything is new and it felt a bit overwhelming at first.  I realized for the first time that this is actually quite a big adventure – and the highs with be highs and the lows will be low!  Being in a new place and in such unfamiliar surroundings made me realize how much easier it is to be in my comfort zone – the known quantity of Nelson, where we have so many great friends who love us and would do anything to help us if need be.  And now that has all changed.

Still, that is also exactly why we are here – to get out of our comfort zone and have some new challenges and adventures.  Our luck must be very very good, as it rained torrentially the first day we were in Yellowknife!  The Minnow had about 4 inches of water in it – everyone tells us it was most unusual.  I’ve just been reading a book called “How To Read Literature Like a Professor”, where the author states that weather is never weather in fiction, its always symbolic of something larger.  And rain is a cleansing experience, a kind of rebirth.  Oh my.

The difficult part of this move was the trip from Yellowknife to the houseboat.  Luckily we found our amazing mover Craig, who was up for some adventure himself, and took this small complication in stride.   It all came off without a hitch – moving day dawned sunny and warm  We managed to find a sight seeing boat with big decks and thankfully a small spot at the government dock where we could squeeze the truck in to unload.  In the curious way things go, it turns out the gal from the boat company is a Nelsonite!   At the last minute Craig decided to round up some extra help and hired some random teenagers off the street of Yellowknife as helpers.  They were great.  It all went very smoothly, and in only 3 hours everything was on Houseboat 28, in the right room, and some of the kitchen was unpacked.

That was a good thing, as we invited Craig and his partner Mike to stay for dinner.  Craig and Martin went to the nearby island to clean the fish.  Craig had a swim and pronounced the lake warmer than Kootenay Lake!  We had cold beer chilled by Great Slave Lake, salad, new potatoes, and a mess of Northern Pike, caught that morning in the Yellowknife River by Craig and Mike.  We ate out on the deck at the picnic table.  We cracked open a bottle of fine wine and welcomed our first visitors – three friends who were passing by on kayaks.  It was a memorable evening, and it all flowed like water.

About Tandi

I love my morning coffee, reading, the wilderness, paddling, poetry, my Spanish husband, and being a doctor. I also love writing my blog, and reading yours.
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1 Response to The Flow of Water

  1. Garry Gregson says:

    It sounds like you are off to a good start in your new home and life in Yellowknife…best wishes for the making of many more happy memories there !

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