My Dress Is Older Than Me!

Our first opportunity to dress up in Yellowknife came this summer when the Canadian Medical Association Annual Assembly came to Yellowknife.   We were invited as special guests to the Presidential Installation and Ball!  A unique and wonderful chance to hobnob with the cognoscenti of the national medical politic world.  But more importantly, we were there to show our love and support, and our pride in incoming president, Dr Anna Reid.  A long time friend, and dare I say it, the woman who is personally responsible for my appreciation of BC wines.   Its pretty amazing to have someone from your small town, especially your small town in Western Canada, (not exactly the center of politics in this large nation), hold the national political stage, and speak for your values.  Its wonderful to see this woman I’ve known for years step into this highly public role with such grace and style.  She brings of course the best of herself to the job – her passion, her commitment and her ever thoughtful insights.  She is very inspiring.  You go girl!  If you want to check out her inaugural speech,  you can see it at:  youtube/hTTrijRBMVs.  Its impressive.

So anyways, the dress!  When one hobnobs with the bigwigs, one needs to dress for it.  Yeah!  Never miss a chance to dress up in fun shoes is my motto.    I wore one of my favorite dresses, which was originally my grandmother’s.  That’s right.  My grandma wore this dress to her brother’s wedding in about 1962, a few years before I was born.  Here she is that day, with my mom, dad and aunt, back when I wasn’t even a twinkle in the eye of that cute redheaded guy:

This picture doesn’t show the matching coat, which has that stylish 1962 feature of a lining in the same fabric as the dress.  Fun!

I paired this with some favorite bright orange shoes.  I then finished off the look with a life jacket, also orange, also vintage.  I then teetered along the dock, full of large spaces between the boards that love to catch heels, to the boat.  (No, that large sleek boat behind me isn’t the SS Minnow, its the small tin one to my side…)  It took a bit of doing as I had to hike up my skirt to step into and out of the boat.  Make that a boat that is bobbing up and down in the gentle waves.  Hey, who said glamor was easy?  Imagine the combination of heels, widely spaced deck boards and the odd glass of wine (ok, ok, maybe two glasses).  Like I said, life in Yellowknife is never dull!

About Tandi

I love my morning coffee, reading, the wilderness, paddling, poetry, my Spanish husband, and being a doctor. I also love writing my blog, and reading yours.
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2 Responses to My Dress Is Older Than Me!

  1. Karen Cain says:

    You gotta luv that dress! What a cutie -red shoes, too! Good to hear of the exciting times in Yellowknife (who knew?) xo Karen

  2. Ha ha! I love it!! How wonderful to not only wear your grandmother’s dress, but to have a pic of her in it as well!

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