The Great Yellowknife Bay Ice Sign Contest

The Spaniard, also known as my husband Martin, has been getting creative.  He recently installed a long 4 x 4 reflective post in the ice at the end of our ‘driveway’, to help us find our way home at night.  It’s a great idea, which Kuzman (our next door neighbour) and I have seriously improved upon.   A lone post in the bare expanse of lake ice just seems like a great and fun Yellowknife-style opportunity to unleash some humor and celebrate what is unique and fun and crazy about living on Great Slave Lake.  In the winter.  In a houseboat.  Frozen in.

We’ve decided we need to fill up that bare post with funny signs.  We had an entertaining morning last weekend thinking of the possibilities.  Like signs saying ‘no diving’, ‘no skinny dipping’ and ‘Hawaii -2  586 492 km’.  In true Yellowknife spirit, we wanted to share the fun.  That’s where you come in.  For the next 2 or 3 weeks, you can submit your contest entry by submitting a comment to this post (see comment box below) suggesting your favorite sign idea.  The official contest rules, in typical Yellowknife fashion, are pretty laid back, ( and like so many things in Yellowknife, just plain confusing)..  We aim for authenticity.

Example of actual Yellowknife sign.  I have no idea what it means.

Example of actual Yellowknife sign. I have no idea what it means.

Contest Rules:

1.  Enter as often as you wish.

2. Bribing the judge is perfectly acceptable, in fact, its encouraged.

3. The best suggestion, selected by the esteemed judge (that would be me) will win the grand prize.  (And, if I am really organized, I’ll get the sign printed and put on the post too.  The real post that is, not the blog post.)

4.  Location of real post will remain unpublished.

5. Judging is based on strictly random and undisclosed criteria, and is severely dependent upon the mood of the judge at contest closing time.

6. Contest closing time remains unknown and undisclosed.

7. Contest winner announced via this blog shortly after contest closing time.

8.  One winner selected on the virtue of wit (if the judge does not receive enough bribes) will win the grand prize, which will be promptly mailed to you.

9.  Contest officials assume no responsibility for parcel once in the hands of that esteemed Canadian institution, Canada Post.

10. Runners up may be chosen at whim, but will not be otherwise rewarded.

11. Contest entry prohibited to close neighbours and husbands, although all contest judges may participate.  (I’m kidding – I don’t want to win the prize myself!)

12.  Grand prize consists of one certified genuine and authentic, vintage Northwest Territories license plate.  These polar bear shaped license plates are a unique and lasting symbol of the splendor of the northern landscape etc etc etc.  Seriously though, they are very neat.  A one of a kind item that you have long needed, possibly without realizing it.  Imagine this on your Christmas tree this year!  If that isn’t enough to move you, consider this – rumor has it they can sell for $50 on ebay.

Prize not exactly as shown.  Husband not included.

Prize not exactly as shown. Husband not included.

This could be the next big Yellowknife Bay winter thing.  After the ice castle, everyone will want to come and see the Yellowknife Bay Ice Sign Post.  Who knows how big this could get?  But all depends upon you, dear reader.  Let the contest commence!

About Tandi

I love my morning coffee, reading, the wilderness, paddling, poetry, my Spanish husband, and being a doctor. I also love writing my blog, and reading yours.
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9 Responses to The Great Yellowknife Bay Ice Sign Contest

  1. Sylvia says:

    Fish Crossing (could be X-ing)
    next 15,000 km


    Hi Tandi and Martin-We sure enjoy your blog-along with many others who have become vicarious Northerners ! We had a surprise visit with you lovely parents last week . They look great and like us, have lots to look forward to(Hawaii and Italy come to mind). I loved your beauty essay -I totally agree – and while art is such a well, I hold our garden up as an ever-changing, source of grace and wonder. It feeds my soul . My subscription to your post contest entry is “No skinny dipping during daylight hours”. Love Marilyn Ingram PS I enclose a few pictures to make my point

    • Tandi says:

      Hi Marilyn

      Thanks for your comment and contest entry. Very apt!

      I think gardens are one of the best sources of beauty in our lives. I started out growing vegetables, but quickly moved to annuals, then perennials, and then plants with beautiful foliage as well. I love how the plants that seed themselves can accidently create beautiful compositions. I also love how a garden changes every day. There is always something new to observe.

      • Tandi says:

        Well, so far I am not inudated with clever sign ideas and contest entries. I did get an email and photo from Bob Taylor, who suggests the sign AGED, with the image of pedestrians. This is a common sign in Australia and New Zealand. In fact, I was going to put up one of those, to refer to the neighbor Kuzman of course. But it turns out both the Spanaird and I are older than him, so we can’t use it. Next I told him I was going to put up a sign that said “Beware, cranky neighbor”. However he threatened to beat me to that one, so we agreed to a truce. His best submission so far is “Attention! This is a new sign” and “Private sign. Do not read”. Seriously, these are real signs! You can find them on the internet. I love both of them and think we need the last suggestion for sure. My current best suggestion is “Water Street”. Its not super sexy but its apt I think. Come on people, please send me your suggestions!!

  3. Tandi says:

    Penny emailed me a photo of a sign that says “Cyclists beware, you are about to ride into a pole”. Hilarious! Where do all these funny sign painters come from?

  4. Daphne Savoy says:

    Hi Tandi,
    I really enjoy your blog!
    The yellow ski-doo sign indicates the location where ski-doos will cross the walking trail (in winter time).
    Cheers, Daphne

  5. Daphne Savoy says:

    Hi Tandi,
    My entry for your signpost contest: “Ragged Ice Road”. 🙂
    Cheers, Daphne

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