Sunday at the Castle


Beautiful late afternoon light


Tony the Snowking

Tony the Snowking, in his Sunday best snowpants

The ice castle construction, going on for the last 2 months, is finished, and the castle is open for business. For the month of March it is filled with entertainment and events, dances and live music, art, plays and film.  I took the opportunity last weekend to go check it out, and at the same time hear the Yellowknife Choral Society perform.

It’s an incredible venue.  Very quite different this year from last year, as the castle is ever evolving.  The main room features a stage, a viewing balcony, a great seating area with tables and chairs of ice, and there is even a coffee shop.  There are some other small halls and rooms going off in all directions.  There are carvings everywhere, and windows made of translucent ice.


P1100752 P1100834 P1100832 P1100800

And, a slide.  An amazing slide.  The slide of a lifetime.  The slide starts at roof level, at the top of an ice staircase.  Its lined with blocks of ice, and shoots one through a tunnel and down a chute to a smooth polished area of lake ice at the finish.  Surrounding this are tall walls filled with carvings.  Here is a video of what it looks like as you go down:

The bottom

The bottom, where I stopped screaming…

View from the top

View from the top

You can see our place off in the distance

You can see our place off in the distance

The choir was fantastic;  it was a distinctly Yellowknife event.  It started off with a call from the MC to audience.  “Does anyone have any duct tape?”  The music was getting blown around by the heaters.  Of course, being Yellowknife, someone did have duct tape, and the day was saved.  It was fun to hear great choral music with the choir dressed in full winter garb.  The conductor even had on a snowsuit – a full adult version of those one piece suits we all wore as children. Hmm, wonder where she got it?  Could be handy to have one of those.  I think I’d like a bright pink one, like Olivia’s.  It also crossed my mind to wonder if the flautist ever froze her lips to her flute..happily not on this day.

_1100775 _1100773 P1100764 _1100771

Outside, there were people everywhere.  Hockey players, kids skating, sledding, families on snowmobiles, dogs and more dogs, cross country skiers, sightseers in their cars, ice fishermen, babies crawling, folks sitting in the sun.  A bunch of folks spending days building a huge igloo like structure out of wood, to light on fire one night.  (called the Big Burning Thing).  In short, a wonderful afternoon on Great Slave Lake.  Thank you Tony!  Long live the Snowking!  Support the Monarchy!


That’s Buttercup, everyone’s favorite old town dog

_1100778 P1100811 P1100806 P1100824

A sculpture from the Ice Garden

A sculpture from the Ice Garden

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I love my morning coffee, reading, the wilderness, paddling, poetry, my Spanish husband, and being a doctor. I also love writing my blog, and reading yours.
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3 Responses to Sunday at the Castle

  1. Lee-Anne Laverty says:

    Wow, simply amazing and magical. Thank you for sharing.

  2. grtescp says:

    Tandi, thanks for sharing the castle again, what an incredible place, and what a masterpiece. It makes me want to come and visit even more… I need to start planning next year’s vacation 🙂

  3. shoreacres says:

    That photo of the child in the red snow suit made me laugh out loud. The expression on her face is priceless. Looking at your photos and videos, I kept thinking (1) I want to go there, and (2) I need to get in better shape. Much better shape. I’m pretty good for an old gal, but if I’m going to be putting my remaining years to good use, I need to be ready for it!

    After all this time, I finally went over to YouTube and looked at some other videos of Yellowknife-the-City. Very interesting, indeed. Very appealing, too — but of course, that’s what a Chamber of Commerce video is supposed to be.

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