Blood Moon Rising

We live in a world of coincidences, but sometimes they seem to come along fast and furiously.  I’m experiencing a bit of that now with the connections that keep arising in my life here in Yellowknife.

Yesterday I was looking at the CBC News site, and discovered a photo, taken the day before in Yellowknife, of the ‘blood moon’ rising.  (click on colored text to go to the link).  It was actually taken on the ice right by our place, and in fact features the houseboat of Kuzman, our close neighbour.  Strange to see this on the national news service.  And what was even more strange is that Martin and I were inside our house viewing that same moon at that same time.  So you can see exactly what we saw, compliments of CBC News!

The view was even better last night, as I returned home from work around 11 pm.  Not only was the blood moon rising again, but this time the sky was alive with northern lights as well.  The lights have been pretty fantastic of late – I think this winter was especially good.  (Except for when we had company, then they didn’t appear.  Perhaps that means our company will come back?)

I for one love these small and interesting examples of how so many pieces of our lives are connected in a larger sense.  For my next post I have an even better example of that, so stay tuned!

About Tandi

I love my morning coffee, reading, the wilderness, paddling, poetry, my Spanish husband, and being a doctor. I also love writing my blog, and reading yours.
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7 Responses to Blood Moon Rising

  1. shoreacres says:

    That composite image is fabulous. I was able to see the moon myself, although I didn’t linger outside for very long. In fact, I had to set the alarm to get up in the middle of the night, but the viewing conditions were perfect, so how could I not?

    The connections that arise are absolutely fascinating to me. For example, I’ve found a fellow through blogging who taught in the same market town where I taught in Liberia. What are the odds? Pretty good, apparently!

  2. Blathering says:

    Wow! Down here in Melbourne the moon also rose already “blood” colored – at a very civilised prime-viewing time of about 5.30pm (perhaps the TV channels organised it that way) – but I was driving home from work westward with the moon behind me and didn’t notice it! By the time I realised there was an eclipse and ran outside to see it, I caught the last phase – I thought what I saw was impressive…until I saw all the photos on the internet of huge red moons!

    • Tandi says:

      I love that you are half way around the world, (and even upside down!), over there in Australia, and yet you have the very same moon as I do up here at the top of the world. (At least from the point of view of the map and globe makers.). It’s a big planet and yet we are all connected.

      • Blathering says:

        I love that about the eclipse too! It does give you a sense of connection with the rest of the world – to think that so many people around the world were experiencing the same thing at the same time!

  3. I’ve been absent from “The Song” for too long. What a wonderful treat to read about your sledding trip, your redneck education and the blood moon! Love all the video clips!

  4. Kate Coffey says:

    I have used the moon many a time to connect with my family and friends in Ireland – especially to younger kids who get great delight in knowing we both are seeing the same moon (albeit at different times). That blood moon in Yellowknife was pretty spectacular alright, although I did not see it here, more’s the pity. I can imagine it on Bowen though ,,,, now I am homesick!

    • Tandi says:

      Kate I can see Bowen today as I’m in Vancouver. I look forward to finally visiting you there when you are home. Safe travels on the next stage of your grand adventure.

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