French Cooking – Bien Sur!

When I was in Paris recently, my friend and food writer extraordinaire Karen Anderson from Savour It All ( arranged for us to be French cooks for a day. We spend the entire day with the lovely Marion and Aurelie, who run a food tour company called Succulent Paris. We met them at the local coffee shop in their neighborhood, then we shopped with them at their local stores for the day’s ingredients. This included a stop to taste honey at the honey store and olive oil at the olive oil store. From there we went on to the vegetable store, the cheese shop, the butcher shop, as well as a few other delicious shops, all within a block of the home of Aurelie. We spent the day in Aurelie’s kitchen, creating an amazing meal and it was a revelation to me, one of those heart stopping experiences when life suddenly expands, permanently.  I realized  I could ACTUALLY make choux pastry. I could do this!  Then we ate the spring lamb stew, the onion tart, the cheese plate and the choux pastry.  Preceded by champagne, and accompanied by wine, of course.


See below for Karen’s post and for the recipes of the day, and also check out Karen’s previous post, which talks about the importance of sharing food and cooking skills to French culture. It turns out it’s actually nation building! Let’s go out and build our nation people! Feel free to invite me over for a meal at any time – I am happy to give of myself for this important cause. 🙂

Savour It All

My friends at Succulent Paris enjoying the treats I brought them from Alberta - photo - Kim Irving My friends at Succulent Paris enjoying the treats I brought them from Alberta – photo – Kim Irving
My friends Marion Willard and Aurélie Mahoudeau of Succulent Paris food tours are wonderful cooks who love to share their passion with visitors to their city. This post will highlight a day where I booked them for a private gourmet tour. We met for coffee, shopped on Rue de Levis near their home and then prepared a seasonal multi-course gastronomic meal.

Cooking with Willard and Mahoudeau is a joyous occasion. Sitting down and sharing a meal together even more so. I hope that you’ll see that in the photos I’ll share here and that you’ll try some of the recipes as well. If they all seem a bit too much skip ahead to the next post where I share a ridiculously easy and fun Mug Cake that anyone can make and…

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1 Response to French Cooking – Bien Sur!

  1. Thanks sweet friend,
    That day will go down in history as one of the finest I’ve spent.
    Friends and food will always make me my happiest – especially if they’re wrapped up in a puff ball of choux pastry!

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