Hello, my name is Tandi.  I’m deeply interested in making the most of my time here on this beautiful blue planet.  I don’t want to waste this precious lifetime.  This blog is about that adventure – the places, people, ideas and inspirations discovered on the journey  that make life worth living.  The startling, shocking and hopeful moments of beauty.  The blog started when the Spaniard and I, and our two golden retrievers, moved from our comfortable life in the the nirvana of Nelson BC to the unknown, north to Yellowknife, in the Canadian sub-Arctic.  (And then back again!) Follow us as we learn to live on a floating house in Yellowknife Bay, a bit off-shore, and off the power grid. (That’s our place on the photo at the top of the home page – the silver one.)   It’s about commuting over the water the one kilometer to town and work in all kinds of weather, and even in darkness – until it freezes, when we can drive right up to our house. It’s about what we do in the season in between water and ice! It’s about learning the ways of the north, and listening to what this land has to teach us. It’s about adventure in the far north too –  getting out on the land, and up to the high Arctic as well. It’s about making time for the things that make our hearts sing – good food, great conversation, the wilderness, paddling and skiing, poetry, family, building a community of friends, inspiring books, and that first morning coffee. It’s about mastering the art of living, northern style!  Click here  (and then on the Yellowknife Bay webcam) to see a live shot of our place – the furthest away from shore.  Click here to see inside Houseboat 28, and here to see the view from there.

14 Responses to About

  1. Linda Kalbun says:

    Hi Tandi
    Love reading about your life in YK – the photos make my heart sing and long to be back there.

  2. Arlene Maden says:

    Love reading about your adventures!

  3. dearrosie says:

    Wow I admire your courage to live in what sounds like a houseboat all the way up in the frozen north. Did you move there to take on the job as the local village doctor? Can you speak Inuktitut?

    • Tandi says:

      Hi dearRosie, thank you for stopping by, and commenting! Yes, we moved up here for me to work first and foremost, but also for the grand adventure of it. We are loving it and will surely stay longer than the original year we had planned. I work in the local ER, which serves an area of half of northern Canada, so its a darned big village, although the population in that area is sparse. Yellowknife itself has about 20,000 people and is the territorial capital. It has a Walmart and Tim Horton’s so its pretty big time! The rest of the communities truly are villages, with hundreds of a few thousand people at most. I will have the chance to travel to the high arctic and work in some of them, and I can’t wait. What a wonderful opportunity that will be to meet people and experience the culture.

      I enjoyed reading your blog, especially the poetry, and plan to do a post on one of the poems I read there. Thank you for the inspiration.

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  5. Joan Pozzobon says:

    Hello there Miss Armstrong: lol
    What a great time I have had reading your blog and passing it on to many family and friends. I am sure one day you will do all the things that you have on your bucket list. I look forward to the continuing saga complete with pictures.
    Joan P.

    • Tandi says:

      Hi Joan, Thanks for your comment. I haven’t even completed writing my bucket list yet, so I may not get it all done, but for sure I’ll have a good time trying! 🙂

  6. Wow…..amazing story…looking forward to reading more!

  7. At 85, our camping days are over, but the great memories linger on! Fortunately, we have passed along our delight in the outdoors to children and grandchildren, and at least one or two great-grandchildren! The days and nights spent in solitary wilderness have been supreme pleasures of our lives. Keep the fires burning smoothly and the chimneys open!

    • Tandi says:

      I think your family is lucky to have been introduced to the wonders of the wilderness. My first outdoor experiences were with my grandfather, fishing in the small creeks in the Kootenays. These are some of my favorite childhood memories. I don’t know how my life path might have been without those experiences, as since being outside has always been an important part of my life. I think many people today have not had this experience, and are very removed from nature. And that leads to a culture that doesn’t value the environment.

  8. Heather says:

    Hi Tandi,

    Love reading about your life in Yellowknife. My husband and I are debating making the move North, and are intrigued by houseboat living. Would you mind if I sent you an email? Is there a place to do so?

    Stay warm!


  9. clumsy06 says:

    Hi Tandi, thanks for stopping by on our blog and for a nice comment. It is good to know that there is someone else blogging about Yellowknife. And you are living on the houseboat!!!! How awesome is that!!! I am really looking forward to read your blog and learn more about living on the houseboat and your Yellowknife adventures. Have a great day!

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