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Amazing Grace and The Christmas China

When my mom was a child, growing up in Fernie, a small mining town in Southern BC, her family was poor.  My mom and her sisters each had only an unimaginable one skirt to wear to school.  (Skirts were required … Continue reading

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My Traditional Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

My folks, rather bravely I think, came up from their home in the the Florida of Canada, the Okanagan Valley, for the holidays.  I’ve been so very excited to see them and they arrived today.  My mom did send a … Continue reading

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My Dad is Smarter Than Your Dad

Do you remember that time of life when you were a kid, and adults all seemed infallible? All knowing? I remember when I was little, I thought my Dad was the most amazing Dad ever. He could fix anything, and … Continue reading

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I Will Remember You, or, A Shopping List Is No Substitute For A Brother

Its four years ago today that my brother Scott died, suddenly and tragically.  Although sudden or not, motorcycle crash or not, it would have been tragic. I don’t like to remember this day four years ago;  it was the worst … Continue reading

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