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Winter, How Do I Love Thee?

I love this short post by Dave Olsen, our friend out on the east end of Great Slave Lake.  You can read it here:  April 29th. I admire this writing, concise and yet so aptly descriptive.  I love the aha … Continue reading

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This Land is in Flames

This summer the north is on fire.  The Northwest Territories is experiencing dry conditions, and there hasn’t been a fire season like this is over 30 years.  Over 1,000,000 hectares has burnt so far, with no end is sight.  That’s … Continue reading

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Barrenlands 3 – Its All About the Dogs

In previous posts I’ve told you about the Olesen family who hosted and guided us on our week of traveling by dog sled to the Barrenlands, and something about winter camping and the landscape we traveled through.  In this post … Continue reading

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Barrenlands Part 2 – The Incredible Journey

Our dogsled trip with the Hoarfrost River Huskies involved 2 days at the homestead learning how to mush, and then we set off north for a 5 day winter camping trip.  Each of us had our own dog team of … Continue reading

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We Visit the Barrenlands, by Dogteam!

So far the year of 2014 has been defined as the year of the holiday.  We decided that since we’d come all this way, to move to Yellowknife, we might as well see as much of it as we can.  … Continue reading

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